AJ’s Tanning offers an array of services to keep you looking good and feeling relaxed.
Aj’s Tanning now has 3 locations around the Twin Ports area!

Base Bed Tanning

We have a large selection of base beds in both of our salons. These beds will give you up to 20 mins of relaxing sun and vitamin D. Base beds are great if you like to tan 2+ times a week. They are able to build a base tan or maintain a tan you already have from summertime or vacation!

Specialty Beds

Come relax in one of our many specialty style beds including our Ultrabronze and Orbit bed (available AJ’s Redwing St. location), and Lumina (available at AJ’s Superior). Both locations are equipped with an Orion bed, VHR Laydown and VHR Stand-up specialty beds. With the addition of AJ’s Glow Tanning located at 4602 Grand Ave #200 we have added the leader in tanning beds! Our Erogoline Open-Sun also known as “ultra bronze” is only 12 mins and will leave you walking out with a beautiful tan every time! Call ahead for an appointment for our specialty beds, as they can be very popular.

Mystic Tan/Airbrush Tanning

What is MYSTIC Automated Spray Tanning?

Mystic Tan is a high quality automatic spray tan booth that is perfect for all skin tones to achieve a sun -kissed glow!

The Mystic solution contains DHA – an FDA approved external tanning agent. The solution sprays on clear and reacts with the proteins in your skin to form a golden – brown color DEPENDING on how naturally tan you are. This prevents you from turning “orange, ” and allows every individual to achieve a natural looking tan tailored to their skin tone.

Airbrush tanning is a perfect way to get that great tan you have been looking for without having to use beds every day. They are perfect for proms, weddings, and special occasions. It is totally safe and lasts for days!
To set up an appointment please call: AJ’s Tanning Duluth 218-724-1468, AJ’s Tanning Superior 715-392-8316, or AJ’s Glow Tanning 218-624-5250

We offer portable spray tanning, so we can come to you! This is great for wedding party’s, prom groups, etc. We bring all the equipment necessary to get that perfect spray tan!

EYE Lash Extensions now available at AJ’s Glow Tanning! Full sets starting at $115

AJ’s Tanning Salon added a new feature for you to be able to book your favorite upgraded tanning bed, Spray tan session or our new Eye Lash Extension service online!

This is a new service so please bare with us as we go through some growing pains! We are excited to offer more online services to our website in the near future! Stop back to find out what will be next!!

To book online click here~:Book Now

Premier Unlimited Tanning Membership

Do you tan 3 times a week? If so, you could save big every month by joining our Premier Membership Program.

Available in these 3 options:
6 Months  –  $30 Month
9 Months  –  $28 Month
12 Months –  $25 Month

There is a $25 one time sign up fee for any of our Premier Memberships.  All membership fees are taking the 1st of the month out of credit card or bank draft EFT. Membership canceled before the end of the contract are subject to cancellation fees.