Lotions, Medications and more! What you should know

Should you use lotions?

The use of indoor tanning lotions is highly recommended.  Our lotions will increase you results by up to 42%.  They are designed exclusively for high pressure tanning, and will allow you the best tan available.  We have one to suit your skin type.  Believe us, your skin will thank you, and you will see better results!  Please don’t forget to use lotion, and to keep your skin moisturized between visits.

A few tanning tips…

Medications:  Some prescription drugs, like antibiotics, contraceptives and others, can make you sensitive to ultra-violet light.  Please consult with your physician if you have questions.

Goggles:  They are a must.  Your eyelids are the thinnest membranes on your body and need protection.  Our goggles are FDA compliant and shield 99.9% of ultraviolet light.

Tanning in the buff:  Please be careful with areas not accustomed to sunlight.  During the first few sessions, these areas should be covered for half of the session time.  (Remember, this for your comfort, not because you will burn!)

Lips:  Lips have no melanin and will no tan.  They can dry out though, so keep them moist with a good lip balm.

Take a break…

We want your visit here to be relaxing and luxurious.  We provide plush towels, fresh spring water and radios to help you get away from it all.  If there is anything we’ve forgotten, please let us know.  We wish to provide the best services available, and intend to be responsive to your needs.